Edwin Bishop: Story teller, boat and snowshoes builder and painter

My name is Edwin Bishop,  I was born and raised in Heart’s Delight . I worked and lived in Whitbourne for 35 years .  I retired from teaching in 1994 and moved back to live in Heart’s Delight-Islington in 2003 . I have always enjoyed working with my hands and have several hobbies ,one of my favorites  is making traditional snowshoes . I started painting about 2 years ago while I was recovering from hip replacement surgery . My children bought me a Bob Ross painting kit .I really enjoyed that painting and I liked the results .

I have been practicing and experimenting ever since.  Almost all of my  first paintings were done in oil, however I have done a few lately with acrylic paint. I still practice the Bob Ross wet on wet technique but I try to apply it to scenes from my imagination and my photos. Most of the paintings on my website (boarpointart.ca ) have a title and a brief description of why I did that particular scene.  I prefer to do scenes that depict something from my past that has a historical theme as well as recall some significance to the way young people used to play and spend their pastime. I hope you enjoy my paintings and feel free to leave a comment, I believe that your remarks whether positive or negative  will help me become a better painter .