The Deep Dark Woods

Twins ” THE DEEP DARK WOODS” this picture was inspired by my six year old grand daughter Jenna ,one day when she and twin brother Evan was camping with their parents at Back Side Park we went to visit. Nan, Jenna and Evan went for a short walk and when they returned Jenna said they were out in the deep dark woods. When they visit us at Heart,s Delight and go to the tree house they both say let’s walk in the deep dark woods.

The Three Gullies

this is an 8×10 in oil on canvas .I was rimembering the gully that we used to skate on when we were young

i call this one ‘the gully’

I call this one the ” Gully” it depicts a place where We used to skate as children. Notice the boots , they were often used for goals . There were often arguments, : it was no goal it went over the boot.” We used to push the slide sideways to clear the snow and take turns getting a ride home . Some times we would give the girls a ride home , ha .