The Three Gullies

this is an 8×10 in oil on canvas .I was rimembering the gully that we used to skate on when we were young

i call this one ‘the gully’

I call this one the ” Gully” it depicts a place where We used to skate as children. Notice the boots , they were often used for goals . There were often arguments, : it was no goal it went over the boot.” We used to push the slide sideways to clear the snow and take turns getting a ride home . Some times we would give the girls a ride home , ha .

Tar Paper Shack

A phrase used by the older people to describe some of the cabins built in the country ; inspired by Ambrose Perry when he was making fun of me building a Summer cabin on Boar point hill . What are you building a Tar paper shack? He was only teasing me , he was a great friend .