May 12, 2019

Busy Boys

Busy Boys Book Cover

By using rhymes and paintings, I hope I give you a good idea of the way that boys and girls played years ago, before there were televisions, video games and computers.

Busy Boys

There were toys to make
Hay to rake
Whistles to whittle
Tin can for a kettle

Rubber for slingshots
Cans for crab and tansy pots
A need to build toy boats
And chasing old stinky goats

Mixing pies from the mucks
And building toy trucks
In the spring the snow melts
We have to make stilts

Hockey sticks from crooked trees
Boat builders used them for knees
Playing hide and seek
You wouldn’t find some for a week

There were slides to ride
Crab apples to hide
Catching frogs in the bogs
Carving boats from short logs

Playing hopscotch, piddley and four corner chush
Building old smoky camps on the hill in the bush
Pushing our rollers, bikes and barrel hoops
Stealing crab apples – oops!

Catching old stinky, sticky conners
Pushing snow off the ice with our slide runners
Our mothers used to say sometimes we were harden
Because we were late coming home from Am Perry’s garden

Going berry picking at Island Pond Brook
Bologna and capelin on a smoky fire to cook
Some would drink tea, enjoy it and whistle
Most of us had good old lemon crystal

Trouting had to be the best fun of all
We wanted to do it winter, spring, summer and fall
Catching conners, flatties, sculpins, capelin, tom cods and squid
We used homemade jiggers from hot melted lead

Squid jigging was dirty, disgusting and caused quite a fuss
But that was just right for boys like us
Climbing rocks, cliffs, old barns and trees
Getting spanked on going home for having pants with no knees

On the wharfs after supper with no adults around
Thanks be to God that none of us drowned
Killing the gannets that came to our barrel head for scraps
In the afternoon going with fishermen to their traps

Borrowing the old punt from old Mr. Ed
And going out in the evening to jig us some squid
Playing spotlight at night
On windy days flying a kite

Chasing Jack-O-Lantern and spooks
Wearing tin cans on our boots
Tying old coats and brin bags behind our bikes was a must
That way we could fly lots of dust

We were always on the run
Having some kind of fun
Doing all the above was exciting and cool

It’s a wonder we found time to turn up at school

I think for now that’s enough of my garbles
Before some of you think I have lost my MARBLES!

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