1. Norman Howell
    · Reply

    Hi Edwin this is norm howell. We haven’t forgot about the painting you were going to paint for us and also when all this virus crapbis over we will stop by for some more paintings you have already done as well thank you norm and amanda.7

  2. Dave
    · Reply

    What a lively and nostalgic poem! It captures the joys and adventures of childhood in a simpler time, where kids were free to play and explore the world around them. From making toys and tools out of everyday objects to fishing and playing games, the boys in the poem were always on the move and having fun.

    There’s also a sense of community in the poem, with the boys borrowing boats and punts from older neighbors, and gathering with friends to play and share meals. And while they may have gotten into trouble or been scolded by their mothers for being late, it’s clear that their adventures were worth it.

    Overall, this poem is a reminder of the importance of play and imagination in childhood, and how these experiences shape us into the adults we become.

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