February 24, 2019

Happy Trails – The Book

The Evolution of the Northern Point Hiking Trail

The book was compiled to coincide with the airing of the episode of Land and Sea, Happy Trails. It is my hope that the paintings, each with it own story, will enhance the value of the episode and the trail to local as well as visiting hiker. It is my intention that the book will provide a worthwhile visual impression along with the show of what the area is like for people from our community that can’t go there to see it anymore, or have never been there. The stories are written by myself and may vary a little from what others might think. That being said, I gathered as much information as I could from other people and sources.  

It is my intention to provide copies of the book for sale and if you are interested in purchasing one you can contact me.  

 Phone : 1709 588 2516  Email: 

This book was inspired by my memories.

It is dedicated to the memory of the old former residents of Heart’s Delight, whose steps helped create the “Gunning Path” and especially in memory of Leo Reid who sadly lost his life there on March 31, 1959.

It is also intended to recognize the relentless effort of Barb Parsons to upgrade the trail with her small handsaw and machete, always accompanied by her dog Bella.

I hope it inspires you to take your first steps on your trek along a beautiful, scenic path now called the “The Northern Point Hiking trail”.

Happy Trails

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