Our Amazing Work


Small stages at Winterton, Trinity Bay

New Harbour

Small Island behind the fishplant in New Harbour, A beautiful scene especially on the day the I took the picture.


This painting is how I see the island in Islington harbor.

Three Gullies

I call this one the ” Gully” it depicts a place where We used to skate as children.


Punts and Rodneys lay upside down, waiting.

Children Playing

My Grandchildren playing on the beach.


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Stormy Night

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Long Beach

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Building a Wooden Boat

This is a picture video of a 20 ft. motor boat that I built in the winter of 2013 and spring of 2014. The location is Heart's Delight-Islington , Trinity Bay , Newfoundland

Learning to Ski

Marge loved to ski. Sometimes she would go skiing with her mother, who was also a really good skier, and Mrs. Nora Dyke. Fairly often she would go skiing by herself or follow me when I went on my snow…

The Night I Saw The Strange Shadow

It was in the winter of 2004  . It was a very regular activity for me at that time to walk around the harbour at night. This night would be different  as something happened that I cannot explain and…