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Check out my second book. A collection paintings and notes about the Northern Point Hiking Trail.

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Fruits of a Hobby

Check out my first book. A collection paintings and notes about them.

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Cran Pond

Painted this one for my son David. It is Cran pond , Whitbourne, He and I had a good day hunting with old Jake our hunting dog . Got a couple of ducks right around the left side behind the big tree.

My Son Robin

Painted from a photo of my son Robin, he is sitting in an old canvas canoe that I made For us . He is at Petipas Pond one of our favourite hunting and fishing spots.

Chuck Donnelly

A painting of a photo near Boar Point in Heart,s Delight/Islington.Chuck Donnelly cam e by in his little put,put motor boat . ____-this painting is sold

Winter Birch

Probably my favourite. I call it “Winter Birch” I learned the technique from The Joy Of painting , a book by the famous artist, Bob Ross.

The Three Gullies

This is an 8×10 in oil on canvas. I was remembering the gully that we used to skate on when we were young I call this one ‘the gully’ I call this one the ” Gully” it depic…

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