Fruits of a Hobby

Check out my first book. A collection paintings and notes about them.

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Fruits of a Hobby

Happy Trails

Check out my second book. A collection paintings and notes about the Northern Point Hiking Trail.

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Days Gone By

Check out my Third book. A collection paintings of memories and notes about them.

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The Deep Dark Woods

Twins ” THE DEEP DARK WOODS” this picture was inspired by my six year old grand daughter Jenna ,one day when she and twin brother Evan was camping with their parents at Back Side Park we w…

Gordon Perry

inspired by Gordon Perry’s little farm on pond road Heart’s Delight \Islington.

The Joy of Painting

I did this one as a lesson from the Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” I love these ovals especially the winter scenes.

George’s Place

Painted for my sister Emma, It is on Boar Point Hill, Heart’s Delight / Islington, I call it “George’s Place .”

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